First, we operate as a search firm by working with employers to qualify and deliver top talent, for their open positions. Our model is a partnership with shared information and open communication with the hiring managers, which allows us to deliver the exact match. Secondly, we act as a delegate for employees looking for new opportunities, discovering positions that meet the designated parameters of our candidates.

We offer permanent or temporary employees according to the needs of the work cycle. As an outsourcing Company, our goal is to give a solution to your workload to keep our customers satisfied. We help companies with all types of personnel for warehouse or offices, what you need, we can provide it. Working together, we can create a place for employers and employees to come together to facilitate an atmosphere for great success.

MAG GROUP is a leading provider of labeling services. We are your guide to meet the current regulation applicable to marketing of products in Mexico; We support your business operations with the design of the label and labeling the products.

MAG GROUP, can handle your business affairs with certificates for domestic and imported products that are subject to compliance with the mexican oficial standards.



If you received a report for defective products or need to re-work a material that arrived damaged, we are the solution. We are a Company dedicated to certification and quality control. We ensure that your products meet the standars and specification required by your Company. During the inspections we verify and record all data to create statistics used for summary report for your analysis.

We offer inspections:

  • Visual

  • Dimensional

  • Sampling

We have measuring tools available